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Give the gift of a Greggs Gift Card
Product Codes

We offer rewards on coffee, bakes, breakfast or sweet treats. Incentivise customers, say thank-you to your employees or be a great host and provide treats for virtual meetings and events.

Perfect pick me up

Let them know they are appreciated! Brighten up someone’s morning with a breakfast deal, let them have lunch on you, or sweeten up their afternoon with a doughnut, cake, or muffin.

Budget friendly

This is a great option that could be tailored to your budget if you’d like to reward staff or customers. Rather than placing a set monetary value onto a gift card or e-gift card, you can show your appreciation by choosing a specific product from the Greggs menu.

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How it works
It is simple and easy. Fill out our order form and a member of our team will be in touch to answer any questions you may have and process your order.
You will receive a list of codes securely. You can choose to distribute these to your recipients via email, SMS, a secure web portal or embed into your mobile app.
When your recipient receives their unique code, they can take this into a Greggs shop and redeem their product.
What's on the menu:
Sausage Breakfast Baguette


Sausage Roll

& Bakes

Medium Latte


Chicken Salad

& Salads

Jam Doughnut


A Corporate Gift Card for any occasion

Employee Rewards and Recognition

Greggs for Business product codes are perfect for employee rewards, benefits and perks.

Customer Loyalty

Use Greggs product codes to drive loyalty and sales for your business.

Corporate Events

Treat your guests to a tasty Greggs treat at your next corporate event.

Christmas Gifts

Give the gift of Greggs this festive season.

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